19 December 2016 - Working Out Like an Animal

What if I told you that next year you'll be pouncing like a tiger, acting like a bear, and crawling like a baby as a regular part of your fitness routine.  Bodyweight exercises and yoga moves inspired by natural movements are forecast to be a big hit in 2017, as fitness practitioners around the world learn how to act out their animal instincts and embrace their inner-toddler. If you're getting tired of boring planks and risky weight training, maybe it's time to start working out like an animal.


14 December 2016 - Mountain Biking for Fitness

There are many ways to get fit and healthy. While most of us are happy visiting the gym or jogging around the neighbourhood, sometimes we need something extra. Mountain biking is a fantastic way to improve your overall fitness and have fun at the same time, with off-road biking an effective, low impact sport that can have a high impact on your health. Whether you want a single well-balanced fitness routine or you need a little more excitement while you work out, there are mountain bike trails up and down the country that may have what you're looking for.


08 December 2016 - Improve your Immune System

Looking after your immune system is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Made from a variety of physical structures and chemical processes, the immune system is a biological defence mechanism capable of protecting the body against a range of harmful pathogens. While direct links between lifestyle and enhanced immune function are hard to quantify scientifically, immune-boosting foods, regular exercise, and reduced stress levels do help the immune system to function in harmony with the rest of the body.


01 December 2016 - Future of High Speed Rail

High-speed rail continues to evolve across the world, with new developments in China and America adding to existing networks in Europe and East Asia. Originally introduced in Japan as the 'bullet train' in the 1960s, high-speed rail systems offer significant advantages over air travel and traditional rail infrastructure. While fast rail technology still seems a long way off in Australia and New Zealand, the Hyperloop One system and other new developments may see this dream become a reality sooner rather than later.


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