04 December 2015 - Why Personalised Diets Are the Future

A new study into personal nutrition has shed light onto the problematic world of dieting. Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have found that people respond very differently to the exact same dietary intake. Everything we thought we knew about food could possibly be wrong, with the exact same foods affecting people in vastly different ways. With individual metabolism influencing us more than originally thought, personalised diet plans are likely to play a big role in the future.


27 November 2015 - Living a Waste Free Life

Human beings are throwing away more stuff than ever before. According to the World Bank's report 'What a Waste: A Global Review of Solid Waste Management', people generate an average of 1.2kg of municipal solid waste per day. This amount is estimated to rise to 1.42kg by 2025, with annual global urban waste set to increase from 1.3 to 2.2 billion tonnes per year in the same time frame. With more household and commercial rubbish being generated all the time, some people have made the brave and highly responsible decision to live a waste-free lifestyle.


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