21 November 2016 - Your Heart and Mental Health

Generally speaking, people get involved in fitness programs as a way to improve physical outcomes associated with weight loss, muscle gain, and flexibility. As it turns out, however, regular exercise is also one of the best things we can do for our mental health. A recent study has shown direct links between the health of our hearts and our mental well-being, with high blood pressure and a high resting heart rate linked to an increased susceptibility for anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder later in life.


14 November 2016 - Rhythm is Key when Working Out

From the micro-rhythms of your muscles expanding and contracting through to the biorhythms and habits that define your daily routine, rhythm is fundamental to any fitness regime. It doesn't matter what time scale you're looking at, every aspect of your life is defined by fluctuations and rhythmic cycles. In order to meet your fitness goals both now and on a long-term basis, it's important to become aware of these rhythms so that you can work with them instead of fighting against them.


10 November 2016 - The Truth about Hot Workouts

From hot mat Pilates and sweaty yoga through to steamy cycling and barre classes, high temperature workouts are so hot right now. Designed to warm muscles and promote detoxification, hot exercise classes are also used to enhance weight loss and improve deep breathing. While there are undoubtedly many benefits associated with heated workouts, cranking up the thermostat can add a level of risk by increasing the chance of injury and placing additional strain on the cardiovascular system.


03 November 2016 - How Long can Humans Live

The human lifespan may have an expiration date, with new research suggesting a natural limit at around 115 years of age. Despite advances in medicine and science, according to researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, it's incredibly unlikely that anyone will live much beyond the current record of 122 years. While this study has been controversial in some circles, it seems no matter what we do, our bodies are designed to wear out and expire.


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