27 July 2017 - Plastic Pollution Planet

Plastic pollution is getting out of control, with landfills and oceans across the world clogging up with this highly toxic material. Because plastics don't break down like other man-made products, three-quarters of the stuff ends up as waste and only a small proportion is ever recycled or reused. While small efforts are being made to ban plastic bags in Australia and other western countries, much more needs to be done to address this huge and growing problem.


21 July 2017 - How Fast Does Fitness Fade

Everyone knows that fitness takes consistency and self-discipline, with weeks or months of hard work needed before the benefits of exercise are recognised. What's not so clear, however, is just how long these benefits stick around once you've taken your foot off the fitness pedal. How fast does fitness fade? Can you have large gaps and still benefit from past work? What is the point in doing all this cardio if it just goes away in time?


19 July 2017 - Training for a Half-Marathon

Running a half marathon might seem like a lofty goal, but with the right preparation, it can be easier than you think. While you'll need a lot of motivation and a few months of training behind you, unlike a full marathon, running a 21 kilometre stretch is possible for most people. Let's take a look at some of the important steps you'll need to take along the way, from choosing an event and buying equipment through to training and finding enough motivation to keep you on track.


12 July 2017 - The Gentle Art of Sleeping

Good quality sleep is essential to wellbeing, with healthy sleep patterns one of the best ways to ensure a long and happy life. While sleep comes easy to some people, others struggle with insomnia and other sleep disorders that keep them awake for hours. New research suggests that most people benefit from a warm-up period before hitting the pillow, with sleep training no longer just a technique to get babies through the night. By managing the foods and drinks you consume during the evening and paying close attention to technology and other activities, everyone can have access to better quality sleep.


05 July 2017 - The Physical Internet

Over three billion people use the Internet on a regular basis, with 46,000 gigabytes of data pulsing through cables each and every second. While the Internet has been described as a network, a culture, or even a cloud of information - these abstract concepts hide a simple and very physical reality. Behind the romance of instantaneous communication and free information, the Internet relies on a bunch of cables and data exchanges that criss-cross the globe.


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