28 June 2017 - 16 Weeks before the 16 Weeks - By Jason Hayden

Training for a major event is a tough assignment. These are events that you cannot simply have another go at next weekend. If you drop the ball, miss a tackle or eat something that wrecks your day you can’t simply practice during the week and do better the following Saturday. Major events like the marathon and the long-course triathlon require a huge commitment in time and effort over a long period of time. Then, come race day you have just the one shot. The one shot to bring all your training and experimenting down and into your effort in that one race.


26 June 2017 - Exercise and Gut Health

The human microbiome is a diverse and beautiful thing, with roughly 100 trillion bacteria known to be living in the human gut. The "second brain" or "forgotten organ" has become better understood in recent years, as scientists discover how the gut supports metabolism, immune system function, and mental health among other things. While nutrition and genetic factors have the biggest influence on gut health, links between physical activity and gut flora are getting more attention all the time.


19 June 2017 - Everyone can benefit from Weight Training

If weight training only brings up images of body-builders pumping iron in sweaty gyms, it may be time to adjust your expectations. You don't have to be a hulking mass of muscle to get benefits from weight training, which is one of the best ways to improve physical health and enhance well-being. By applying the principles of resistance, both in the gym and at home, you can do wonders for your physical health, mental focus, and confidence.


12 June 2017 - Looking After Your Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers used by the brain to communicate with itself and other organ systems in the body. While these essential biological ingredients operate automatically and are largely ignored, they are responsible for regulating almost every function of human life. Your neurotransmitters affect all elements of cognitive and physical performance, meaning they have a huge influence on mental ability, emotional state, sleep patterns, weight regulation, and pain perception among other things.


05 June 2017 - Mankind May Have Come From Europe, Not Africa

According to a bold new conclusion, the last common ancestor we shared with chimps may have come from Europe rather than Africa. While East Africa is generally assumed to be the birthplace of mankind, this new study links our origins to ancient European apes discovered through Greek and Bulgarian fossils. Even though these findings are controversial, at the very least, the new evidence does cast earliest hominins from Africa in a new light.


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