29 May 2017 - How much Exercise is Too Much

The benefits of working out are well known, with regular exercise helping people to lose weight, gain muscle mass, and live healthier lives. While some people avoid exercise due to lack of time, researchers have shown that you don't need to spend hours at the gym each day in order to get fit and healthy. You really can have too much of a good thing, with light exercise and short doses of high intensity exercise found to be more beneficial than long hours on the treadmill.


22 May 2017 - Dusk Vs Dawn - The Best Time to Exercise

Some people enjoy an early morning run, bouncing out of bed while it's barely light before hitting the pavement. Others prefer a more gentle pace during the early hours, choosing to visit the gym after work or go for a gentle walk after dinner. The best time to exercise depends on many things, including your lifestyle and internal body clock. While there's no definite scientific evidence supporting A.M or P.M workouts, the choice you make can have a huge influence on how consistent you are.


05 May 2017 - Common Headaches and their Causes

Headaches are a big problem for many, with over half the world's population experiencing this common neurological condition each year. From tension headaches and migraines through to chronic and cluster headaches, there are more than 100 different ways that your head can hurt. Headaches have the potential to cause emotional distress and ruin lives, so it's important to find out what type of headache is causing you pain so you can find appropriate treatment.  


01 May 2017 - The End of Television

The place of television at the centre of the family home is being threatened, as more and more people favour personal digital devices over the communal nature of TV. According to a new study by Accenture, there has been a steep decline in the popularity of TV over the last few years, with Australians ahead of the curve when it comes to new viewing habits. With Internet speeds growing across the world and online services such as Netflix getting more popular all the time, traditional TV networks are starting to feel the pinch. 


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