20 May 2016 - Boosting Your Energy in Winter

Cold weather and lack of sunshine can send us into hibernation, with too much food and not enough exercise often the end result. Temptation, lack of motivation, and depression are more common in the winter months, as energy levels drop and people start leading a more sedentary lifestyle. You don't have to succumb to the winter blues, however, especially if you're prepared to put some of the following advice into action.


13 May 2016 - Exercise for a Hangover

Let's face it, when you're suffering from a hangover, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. While working out is not always the easiest or best thing to do after heavy drinking, it can be an effective way to manage mild hangovers if done correctly. Whether you're swimming, jogging, or doing yoga poses on the kitchen floor, gentle movement with adequate hydration before, during and after the session is always the way to go.


06 May 2016 - How to think like an Interior Designer

While the experts usually know best, not everyone has the money or desire to hire a professional interior designer. Luckily - there's a lot you can do on your own terms, especially if you're prepared to get organised, mix things up, and embrace innovation. By stepping out of your comfort zone and learning to think like an interior designer, you can make your home surpass your wildest expectations.


29 April 2016 - World’s First Microbiome Study

The world's first microbiome study has just been released, with the Flemish Gut Flora Project identifying 69 factors linked to gut flora composition and diversity. Set to be published in the leading academic journal Science, these results will provide important information for future disease research and clinical studies. Gut flora is an important component of human health, with this project investigating key links between diet, lifestyle, and gut flora composition. While people are becoming more aware of the importance that the gut plays in human health, this is the first study to comprehensively link gut health with diet and lifestyle choices.


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