21 March 2017 - Paying Attention to When you Eat

When it comes to health and fitness, when you eat is almost as important as what you eat. By eating the right foods and synchronising your meals with your workouts, none of your hard work will go to waste. While there is no specific formula for when carbs, fats, and proteins should be ingested - the timing and size of your meals should be an important consideration for anyone who wants to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or maximise performance.


15 March 2017 - Staying Flexible with Age

It's important to stay physically active as you age in order to live a healthy and productive life for as long as possible. While cardio routines and strength training can be beneficial at every stage of life, flexibility should also be an important consideration. By stretching and exercising regularly, not only will you improve the health of your joints and the range of your motion, you'll also drastically reduce your chance of developing an injury. Whether you start a regular yoga class or simply do some stretching before your morning walk, flexibility is one of the best ways to improve quality of life.


08 March 2017 - How to Balance your Hormones

Hormones have a huge effect on health and wellbeing, with an imbalance of these chemical messengers linked to a wide range of physical and psychological problems. Involved in everything from growth and metabolism through to mood and reproduction, life can be hell when your hormones are out of whack. If you want to avoid the weight gain, lack of energy, and mental confusion that often accompany haphazard hormones, it's important to pay attention to your lifestyle and regulate your hormones in a natural and sustainable way.


01 March 2017 - Snapchat and the New Economy

After months of rumour and speculation, photo-sharing app Snapchat has filed documents for its Initial Public Offering (IPO) - estimated at between $20 and $25 billion. Despite being a household name, amazingly, Snapchat has yet to make a single dollar in profit, losing over $500 million in 2016 and over $300 million the year before. Offering a free service with no assets and a huge discrepancy between revenues and value, Snapchat represents the changing face of a new and very different economy.


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