27 January 2017 - Runners' Brains more Connected

Links between physical activity and mental function are increasingly being studied as a way to highlight the intricate connections between body and mind. University of Arizona researchers recently discovered that runners' brains appear to have greater functional connectivity than non-runners' brains, with MRI scans putting the benefits of running on a similar level to playing a musical instrument when it comes to greater functional connectivity.


19 January 2017 - It's all About the Core

Core strength has become a huge buzz word in the world of fitness - and for very good reason. The muscles that define your core are at the very centre of your being, giving you the strength you need to complete your daily tasks and the stability you need to move your body without pain. While core strength training is known as a great way to lose weight and get great abs, it also has the potential to transform your posture, improve your balance, and control your internal body functions.


17 January 2017 - How Meditation can Help You

Meditation is widely believed to induce relaxation and reduce stress levels, with this ancient practice helping countless people around the world to unwind and slow down. The advantages of regular meditation stretch way beyond simple relaxation, however, including a number of scientifically proven benefits related to physical, emotional, and mental health. With meditation proving helpful on so many levels, perhaps it's time to put your inner sceptic to rest and find out what all the fuss is about.  


06 January 2017 - Echo Tech in 2017

Global warming and other ecological challenges continue to face humanity, as people around the world look to solve a growing range of environmental problems. While technology is often seen as a catalyst for environmental destruction, it will also play a big role in the solution. Environmental scientists and eco-tech companies across the globe are likely to make their biggest splash yet in 2017, including projects related to wind power, artificial photosynthesis, and smart transportation.


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